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AH-15 Auto HammerŪ  
Technical Support

HAMMER TIPS - 1 1/2" diameter
Hard Plastic
Med. Plastic
Soft Plastic

The Danair model AH -15 Pneumatic Automatic HammerŪ offers the Manufacturing, Fabricating and Assembly Industry a replacement to cumbersome hammers and mallets.

Performance - the Danair Auto-HammerŪ has no trigger. Hammering action begins with a light pressure on the working surface and stops when lifted away. The Auto-HammerŪ will deliver over 1000 BLOWS PER MINUTE!

Quality - Since 1967 Danair Products have been made in the U. S. with only the finest materials. Anytime during the LIFETIME of the tool a failure occurs because of workmanship or defective materials DANAIR will repair or replace that tool.

Availability - Auto HammersŪ and parts are IN STOCK at many Danair Dealer Locations around the world and the factory in Elko, Nevada. Orders received in the morning at the factory are often shipped the same day.

Product Improvements - A NEW CASTING PROCESS has added strength to the AH body and cap. This new process combined with heat treated powder coat finish produces the HIGHEST GRADE OF DURABILITY.

Flexibility - The AH-15 Auto HammerŪ has INTERCHANGEABLE HAMMER TIPS to handle soft woods and plastics to hard metals like steels. The Auto-HammerŪ is easily held in the palm of the hand and weighs only 2 lbs.

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